MCS Symptoms Poll


This poll was conducted in the Moms with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Facebook group in May 2017.
After looking at the results it confirmed a bit what I have always suspected. Based on results it is interesting that almost 50% of women with MCS polled may be dealing with an underlining illness like CIRS which is directly related to toxic mold exposure.

A total of 18 women participated, with the results listed below.

The question was:
Which Item/s help best with your MCS symptoms? 

chemical avoidance 100% (18 respondents)

organic food 67% (12 respondents)

mold avoidance 45% (8 respondents)

air purifier 45% (8 respondents)

respirators/masks 45% (8 respondents)

a safe room 39% (7 respondents)

gluten free diet 33% (6 respondents)

herbal supplements 28% (5 respondents)

vitamin/mineral oral supplements 17% (3 respondents)

plans to filter the air 17% (3 respondents)

organic clothing 12% (2 respondents)

IV therapy  6% (1 respondent)


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