List of Products/Resources for People Who are Chemically Sensitive

Please note that there are various levels of chemical sensitivity and what may work for one person may not work with another.

Most of the products listed here can be purchased online at Amazon or at a health food store. If you find that you have a reaction simply return the product. Amazon is very good about accepting returns if a product makes you sick so is Wholefoods.


For a homemade deodorant here is a simple recipe.
No stove or cooking required.

-5 tablespoons of organic virgin coconut oil
-1/4 cup (4 tablespoons) arrowroot powder
-1 Tablespoon of baking soda
-1 drop of organic essential oil of lavender (optional)
Mix with a whisk and store in a glass jar preferably or a BPA free plastic jar with a tight lid.
You can also store in the fridge after placing in a roll on tube then apply and place back in fridge.
Apply daily. For roll on tubs click here.

Lavilin Under Arm Deodorant
Unlike most commercial antiperspirant/deodorant products, which contain aluminum to clog pores in order to eliminate sweating, you won’t find any harsh chemicals or aluminum in Lavilin’s Underarm Deodorant Cream. Instead, it utilizes plant extracts and oils to help address odor and attacks these odor-causing bacteria without interfering with the body’s natural ability to remove toxins/sweat. Notable features include:

  • One application lasts up to 7 days
  • Aluminum-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free formula that won’t clog pores
  • Hypo-allergenic and suitable for delicate skin
  • Bathing, showering, sports and strenuous physical activities do not interfere with Lavilin’s effectiveness
  • Proven effective—tested extensively at a leading international research center

Highest rating by EWG Safe deodorants
EWG’s Skin Deep® rates products based on ingredients, an important indication to help determine the potential health concerns associated with products.

Dishwashing soaps

Life Tree Dishwasher Liquid
Planet Dishwasher Liquid
Seventh Generation Free and Clear
Ecover Naturally Derived Automatic Dishwasher Tablets, Zero Fragrance

Laundry Detergents
A basic recipe for a large load is to mix 4 cups of baking soda and a Tablespoon of white vinegar and wash to remove dirt and odors.
Seventh Generation Free and Clear Liquid Detergent
Borax Unscented Washing Soda

Masks and respirators

P100 Disposable Particulate Cup Respirators provide protection against both solid and liquid aerosol particulates that may contain oil

Cambridge Masks are respirators that use military grade filtration technology to filter out nearly 100% of particulate pollution, gases, as well as bacteria and viruses in a fashion friendly mask suitable for the whole family. Cambridge Mask’s™ inner filtration layer is made from a 100% pure activated carbon cloth, which was originally invented by the UK Ministry of Defence. It was extensively developed and has been made into products for use in chemical, biological and nuclear warfare protection. We call this the British Pollution Solution.

Hotels and clean Rooms
Hilton Allergy Friendly Rooms
Environmental Safe Travel – Yellow Canary

This list is updated on a monthly basis. I have about 100 more products to add so please stay check back frequently.