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Herbal Remedies, Recipes & Tips to Stay Healthy When Everyone Is Sick

REPOST – This past week over 10 people I know have gotten sick with a stomach virus, a cold or a sore throat. So what can we do to stay healthy during these summer months? Below I am going to share some of my favorite tips, recipes and herbal remedies that our family has used year…Continue reading


Eat Your Brussel Sprouts – Two Easy Paleo Recipes You Will Drool Over

As a child I absolutely disliked brussel sprouts, I didn’t want to see them, smell them or eat them. My mom would serve them up slightly boiled with salt and onions and it was definitely no favorite of mine. As I have gotten older, learning to cook these green bundles of goodness has made all the difference.…Continue reading

Do You Make Your Own Pet Food? Get the Skinny & Two Easy Recipes – Because We Love Our Furry Friends

A few days ago this little bundle of fur made his way into my life. Although I have denied my kids the opportunity of having a kitten due to their allergies and my health I could not resist this cuteness especially since my son rescued her. All allergies aside, to see your teen’s eyes light up and promise…Continue reading

Gut Healing – Protein Rich – Detoxifying Smoothies – 2 Awesome Recipes

Simple smoothies have been a must for me these past 8 years, especially the last for years since getting sick from environmental toxins.. During stressful times I have sipped them while running out of the house to work and as a late-night snack. Although there is no substitution for eating a healthy green salad, green…Continue reading

The Ins and Outs of Raw Food – Recipes, Tips & Resources You Should Know About!

Raw food anyone? When you hear people say that they eat raw food do you think that limits you to only carrot sticks and celery? Thankfully that is not the case. The other day I was chatting with a mom about how to get her little ones to eat more raw food. Here is some…Continue reading

Carrot Crazy – 2 Awesome Organic Recipes You Will Love

Ok, yes I know I am getting a little carried away with the recipes but I keep getting asked to share some of the dishes we make at home, so here you go! I love carrots and I often juice them and shred them in salads, mashed potatoes and carrot bread.  Here are some easy…Continue reading

Gut Healthy Oxtail Stew – Slow Cooked – Paleo – GAPS

  If you have never dug your fingers and teeth into a juicy piece of oxtail you have not lived. Growing up with parents from different cultures including the Caribbean, oxtail was a dish we enjoyed repeatedly. People in the Caribbean and Latin America have been indulging in oxtail for centuries and you know what, those…Continue reading

Vanilla Caramel Pecan Ice Cream – Vegan & Paleo – Refined Sugar Free

For years I have been making ice cream by hand or using my Vitamix blender. A while back I snagged an amazing ice cream maker at a 70% discount. I had my eye on it for a year so when online coupon codes became available and the price dropped I ran and I’m so happy I…Continue reading

Real Food Green Smoothie – Happiness In A Cup

These past 7 plus years (during the week) we have opted for nutritious, protein packed herbal, green and fruit smoothies instead of breakfast. At times we also add a green smoothie alongside a healthy breakfast. Eating greens, fruits and nutritious unprocessed food for breakfast is not the norm though. It is unfortunate that for decades…Continue reading

Gut Healthy Oxtail Stew – Slow Cooked – Paleo – GAPS

If you have never dug your fingers and teeth into a juicy piece of oxtail you have not lived. Growing up with parents from different cultures including the Caribbean, oxtail was a dish we enjoyed repeatedly. People in the Caribbean and Latin America have been indulging in oxtail for centuries and you know what, those little…Continue reading

Grain Free Protein Packed Biscotti – Don’t Miss Out On Trying This – Super Easy & Delicious

There are few baked recipes that can be made with such quickness and only a few ingredients. This recipe is one of them. Grandma get on up cause this is a treat your grand-kids are sure to love. Busy moms, dads and workout buffs you’re gonna love it too! So check it out – you really only…Continue reading

Organic Banana Almond Crunch Bites – GAPS, Paleo, Vegan, Sugar Free, Gluten & Grain Free

Who doesn’t love fried bananas? One of the most difficult things for people who are following specific diets is finding a treat that is healthy and does not break any rules. Lately I have received a few questions asking me to share some of the signature recipes I have made and taught over the years. So…Continue reading

Juicing Made Easy – Feel Better, Cleanse, Increase Energy and Overcome Sickness

Have you ever juiced for breakfast, lunch or dinner?  Ever juiced for a whole entire day without eating anything solid? How about 2 days, 3 days or more? I know it may sound a bit loony but it’s actually quite an amazing experience to juice living foods.  Living foods are those foods taken directly from…Continue reading

I’m Crazy Because I Eat Healthy and I Want to Help Others Eat Healthy Too!

You know I have heard this so many times it is not even funny anymore.  People who don’t value or understand the benefits of eating healthy seem to criticize those around them who eat to live. I should have an additional hole back there from all the times people have ripped me to shreds, criticizing…Continue reading

Make the Best Cup of Antioxidant Rich Organic Hot Chocolate

Earlier today I was about to make a delicious cup of hot chocolate for the kids.  As I was preparing everything, my oldest turned to me and said: “Mom, you really don’t know just how good your homemade hot chocolate is.  You should market it, because it’s the best I ever tasted.” Well although selling…Continue reading

Organic Vegan Raw “So Delicious” Chocolate Mousse and its Gluten Free!

I love raw, organic, vegan and healthy desserts.  But I have to be conscious that we have one little person in our home that has Celiac disease so mommy set out to make a super delicious nutritious dessert that would meet the needs of all people.   Plus, I just entered Jillian’s recipe contest, with…Continue reading

3 Delicious Signature Green Smoothies

It seems like my smoothie madness is catching on lately since every day I have an email or two asking me for more recipes.  Green smoothies are an awesome way to get all the vital nutrients, enzymes and fiber that your body needs.  Here are some more awesome smoothie recipes that we (baby, older kids…Continue reading

Another Great Green Smoothie Recipe that Supports the Immune System & Digestion

Smoothies and me go together like hot chocolate and whipped cream.  I can’t live without them, especially since I am always on the run. These past few years (during the week) we have opted for nutritious herbal, green and fruit smoothies instead of breakfast.  This is the very opposite of what most people do today. …Continue reading

What do carrots, cucumber and bananas have in common? Find out why you should be using natures bounty as a first resort for your skin?

You know there is so much to remember these days.  Between the pesticides in fruits, the cancer causing ingredients in cosmetics, the bigger and better super duper fish oil supplement they want you to invest in and the toxic chemicals that seep into my breast milk; I get a little frazzled.  Thank God I am…Continue reading

How to Make Herbal Baby Wipes

You don’t have to be a baby to use these either. Really, anyone that wants a nice gentle non-toxic cleanser will benefit from making their own cleansing cloths and tossing the toxic wipes which are loaded with cancer causing parabens and formaldehyde. You will need: -organic disposable cotton pads or you can make your own…Continue reading

How to Make Organic Coconut Cilantro Citrus Chicken (Gluten & Grain Free)

And let me tell you, its ridiculously delicious and simple to make.  I am about to share with you one of my signature recipes that I prepare and make available for friends and family that enjoy cooking.  It’s a La Chica Organica Exclusive that I know you will enjoy. You will need: 2 pounds Organic Pastured Chicken Thighs and Breasts Pure Sea…Continue reading

5 Fabulous Healthy Easy to make Smoothies/Juices

Ok, some of you have been waiting for this article I promised on smoothies, but I decide to add in juices as well. So here you go, I hope you enjoy it. Remember to wash your produce very well and use Organic if possible.  Also remember to leave the skin on those fruits and veggies…Continue reading

Grain Free – Lactose Free – Cheer Me Up Chocolate Chip Cookies – Plus How To Save on Ingredients

Me want cookiieee! Yes. Every now and then I do want a cookie. A healthy cookie. A cookie I can enjoy and not feel guilty about later. Enter in cassava flour, a perfect grain free and naturally gluten-free flour that goes head to head with traditional wheat flour and can be used in many recipes…Continue reading