Below is a list of  websites, physicians who treat MSC, Mold Illness and other Environmental Illnesses. You will also find scientific publications, information for clinicians, recommended reading and free downloads we have collected from various sites over the years.  There is valuable information for families and medical professionals alike.


Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Symptoms Of Mold Exposure, Mold Related Illnesses and Sicknesses

List of Mold Doctors, Environmental Specialists and Clinics 

Surviving Mold

Truth About Mold

Environmental Illness Resource

Dr. Raj Patel 

Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings

Dr. Nagy

Dr. Grace Ziem and Chemical Sensitivity

Understanding Biotoxin Illness

Up to date Toxic Mold Headlines and Related News

Know the Cause

Mold-Help Website

Mold-Survivor Website

Gordon Medical – Biotoxin Illness Info 

Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome and Chemical sensitivity after working in a contaminated environment

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Dr. Jill Carnahan

Information for Medical Professionals

Clinical treatment of Mold Illness
“This page summarizes links to information sources relevant to understanding and treating toxic mold illness, provided by physicians.Much of the information cited here is appropriate for use in educating physicians and other health care providers about the issues involved.”

Download the Environmental Protection Agency’s  Guidance for Clinicians when treating or diagnosing patients who have been exposed to mold and are suffering health complications.

Reseach and Publications

TIME Magazine – Why So Many People Hate Scented Products

Science Direct – Health and societal effects from exposure to fragranced consumer products

Toxins in Everyday Household Products with Anne Steinemann PhD – VIDEO

Preventative & Environmental Health Alliance Video on Mold and Associated Illnesses

Mold and Mycotoxins: Effects on the Neurological and Immune Systems in Humans

Download Research Committee Report on Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Caused by Exposure to the Interior Environment of Water-Damaged Buildings, published in July 2010.

Read what the EPA has published about mold toxins.

Download the American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s statement on mold toxins and the associated dangers to human health.

Neurological and Immunological Problems associated with Mold and Mycotoxin Exposure

Click here to download a research paper published by Finnish researchers in Applied and Environmental Micriobiology (May 2000) documenting the levels of mycotoxins in building materials contaminated by fungi.

Click here to download a research paper published by government researchers in Environmental Health who found that reducing dampness and mold in residential buildings significantly reduced the number of respiratory infections (November 2010) .

Click here to download an important research paper published by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in Bulletin of the IACFS/ME (April 2009) about moisture damaged buildings and diagnoses of pediatric chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Click here to download an article that discusses how water damaged building (WDB) illness is often misdiagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Click here to download a research paper published by Texas Tech University researchers in Applied and Environmental Micriobiology  (Nov. 2005) documenting the levels of airborne mycotoxins in buildings with fungal contamination.

Download State of the Art: Bioaerosol Sampling, the Role of Fungal Mycotoxins in Determining the Safety of Building Occupants by ESG’s Craig Whittaker.

Click here to download information from the EPA on mold, toxins and health.

Click here to read an article about Aspergillus, the underrated fungi.

Click here to read an article about systemic candidiasis.

Click here to read about Candida and its role in sick building syndrome.

Click here to read a white paper on fungal aflatoxins from the National Toxicology Program

Click here to view an excellent article about mold on, a non-profit organization dedicated to people who have been injured by mold

Click here to read Ten Toxic Mold Mistakes to Avoid from Talk Mold, Comprehensive Mold Discussions

Click here to read Crazy From the Mold?, an article by Dr. Lisa Nagy that addresses the many effects of exposure to toxigenic mold.

Click here to read Environmental Illnesses Gaining Attention from the Cleveland Plain Courier that discusses mold and multiple chemical sensitivity.

Click here for a chart of toxins and molds that produce them.

Click here to view a downloadable page explaining the types of molds: allergen, pathogen and toxin.

Click here to download chapter 34, Trichothecene Mycotoxins, from Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare by Drs. Robert Wannamacher and Stanley Wiener.

Click here to view a downloadable page explaining why a mold investigator or remediator may be needed.

Air Purifiers & AC Filters

Top rated Air Purifiers for Allergens and Mold

Top rated AC filters for allergens, pollen,mold and pet hair

Recommended Reading

Mold The war Within (2010) Kurt and Lee Ann Billings

Mold Warriers (2005) by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Living with Environmental Illness (1998) Edelson Syephen

Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome (2007) by Dr. Mary Beth Short-Ray

When Tradional Medicice Fails, Your Guide to Mold Toxins (2006) James Schaller

Surviving Mold: Life in the Era of Dangerous Buildings (2010) by Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker

Microbes & Mold articles from It Takes Time blog by Andrea Fabry
click on any article to be redirected to her blog.

Image courtesy of dreamstime

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