How to Handle Mold/Mycotoxin Exposure at Home or at Work – Where To Get Help

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We are getting a lot of inquiries about where to go for testing and treatment after exposure to toxic levels of biotoxins from damp and moldy environments.
Click here for a list of resources including scientific studies, doctor lists, websites, and recommended reading on mold, mycotoxins and human health.

Unfortunately few doctors are experienced in testing or treating patients who are suffering from Biotoxin Illness and other health issues that arise after living or working inside of a home/office/school with poor indoor air.

My best advise is to try to find an Environmental Medicine Specialist either in the US or abroad or a doctor trained in Dr. Shoemakers protocol. You can find a list of doctors, clinics and helpful resources here.  

In regards to MCS after exposure to toxic mold, Spain has a high incidence of people affected by chemicals that require treatment for MSC (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) so there seems to be more Environmental Medicine doctors available there especially in Madrid.

In the US I have been able to make contact with several doctors and centers who have treated people I have met along my journey.

Dr Gray in Arizona has been mentioned countless times by people suffering from MSC and Biotoxin Illness.

The Environmental Health Center of Dallas has also been mentioned by a few doctors I know. You can reach them at 214-373-51246. Ask to speak with Susan.
They help people who are suffering from exposure to Environmental toxins. Below is some of their pricing.
Initial history and physical is $187-200.  To participate in the sauna program is $35.00 a day.  This includes exercise, heat chamber, shower, massage and supplements.
Skin testing is $25.00 an item.  You might do as little as 4 mold mixes plus the 2-3 extra molds to which you were exposed.  Or you could do 19 molds and mold mixes.  Each mold or mold mix is $25.00.  You might also skin test 7-10 foods.
The nutritional IVs run $150-$350 depending on the number of ingredients.  You can opt to have none or 1 or 3-4 while there.
Oxygen therapy is lab tested to determine yout need it is $100 a day.  You can do 5-7 while there and continue at home.
Lab work can vary from $500 to $2000. depending on your history and what labs you take with you.
If you need housing, it is $120 a night.
Some diagnostic procedures can approach $600.

The places/doctors below also see patients suffering from NeuroImmune or Biotoxin illness:

The most important thing is to take action and begin to avoid all sources of mold.  If the home you own is making you sick because of chemicals or mold get out or pitch a tent outside if you can’t afford to move.  Many people after become very ill start to practice Mold Avoidance and it they have pretty good results.

If you are renting you can always contact your landlord.  If they refuse to take action you can report them to your state’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

For more information on the law and Mold in rentals click here.

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If your office or place of work is making you sick ask for an inspection and for adequate testing of chemicals and mold to be done.  If they refuse you can always conduct your own tests using kits like the ones mentioned in this post.

Make sure to document by taking pictures of any tested areas with a daily newspaper next to you to prove the date. You can also use a polaroid camera instead of a digital one to remove any suspicions of fabricated pictures.

Once you have your results back, email them to your HR specialist or manager and express your concerns.  Emailing pictures and results is important because it documents your findings in case your employer decides to respond unfairly to your concerns.

If your employer refuses to take action or they threaten you with eliminating your position, or worse yet, they fire you; be sure to call OSHA and DOL to file a complaint and provide them with all of your emails, research and testing results. There are also many attorneys all over the USA who take on these types of cases with great success.

This is not an easy road to travel and often it is like walking in the dark. But don’t lose hope.

The important thing is to work on eliminating the main cause of your illness.  Then continue by avoiding contact with places that can potentially make you sick.

Next, begin to eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet and eliminate all things containing yeast and sugar.  During the time of healing from illnesses caused by biotoxins and chemicals, many people have success by eating a grain and sugar free diet and adding pro-biotics, charcoal, bentonite clay and digestive enzymes.

When choosing foods be sure to choose organic only as to avoid herbicides, pesticides and fungicides and the harmful chemicals in foods made with GMO’s and artificial additives.

Over the years we have also found that certain herbs and food based  supplements are a great way to complement treatment for various illnesses and diseases including MCS and CIRS.

However any consumption of prescribed meds or complimentary medicine should always be discussed with your practitioner.

When purchasing herbs choose a reputable company and if possible choose organic or wild crafted herbs.

We love Gaia Herbs and HerbPharm.  Both of these companies have supplements for a discounted price on or you can purchase them at your local health food store.

A few of our favorites are:
Pau D’ Arco
Olive Leaf
Oregano Oil
Milk Thistle Seed

You can receive a $5 coupon off your first purchase on Vitacost by clicking here.

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